We are governed by our By-Laws and our Congregational Covenant of Right Relations.

The UUFM Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of each month. After the previous month’s minutes are approved, the minutes are made available here, in Dropbox and on the bulletin board in the church social hall. In addition, the week after the board meeting, notes of interest called Board Notes are sent out by our board president in the Weekly newsletter.

As part of our Long Range Plan, we are working on a comprehensive policy manual with the goal being a governance structure of policy governance. The plan is to have the board of directors setting policy with input from committees and staff. The staff and committees then implement the policies, with the congregation aware of how things work in our church, leaving us all time to do good works in our community and our world.


The policies that have been approved so far include:

The complete Board of Director’s Job Description can be read here.


We are working toward a governance system in which we all know who is accountable for what so we can move to creativity and collaboration in our spiritual work together. We can delegate authority to committees and Special Action Groups (SAGS) without micromanaging them.