The Guest House

THE GUEST HOUSE – Sue Stevens Chambers Ever since our election over a year ago, I have been listening.   I have been hearing conflict, and listening to people on the media, people in my life talk about all the problems we face.  Is the conflict higher because of the climate the media has introduced?   I … Continued

Courageous Hospitality

Courageous Hospitality – Tony Filipovitch   Good morning, and welcome!  As Kim mentioned, I’m Tony Filipovitch and I am a member of this congregation.  In fact, although Kathy & I have officially been members since 1997, we have been Unitarian Universalists much longer.  I remember, when we signed the Registry, the whispers of surprise—many people … Continued

In Memory, 2017

In Memory, 2017 – Tony Filipovitch A popular trope in science fiction explores Schrodinger’s theory of multiple simultaneous universes—the “multiverse” (Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter is a particularly good recent example).  You do not have to be an astrophysicist, however, to experience the multiverse.  When anyone dies, an entire world dies with them.  Like the supernova … Continued