Chalice Children (Kindergarten to Gr. 2)

Children will be learning from Moral Tales, a curriculum designed by Rev. Alice Anacheka-Nasemann and Elisa Davy Pearmain and available at  Through story, drama and art, we will help children explore
spiritual and ethical tools to make choices and take actions that reflect their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values.  We will spend a month each exploring these topics:  We Are All One; Conscience: Hearing the Inner Voice; Faith, Hope and Prayer; In Another’s Shoes; Forgiveness; Welcome One and All; Seeing Others with Awe; Do Unto Others.

Circle Kids (3-6th grade)

The purpose of this year’s Riddle and Mystery curriculum is to assist kids in their own search for understanding. Each session introduces and processes a Big Question. The first three echo Paul Gauguin’s famous triptych: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? The next ten, including Does God exist? and What happens when you die?, could be found on almost anyone’s list of basic life inquiries. The final three are increasingly Unitarian Universalist: Can we ever solve life’s mystery? How can I know what to believe? What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?