Congregational Record Submitted

Our application to search for a full-time, settled minister has been approved, and our Congregational Record (think of it as an extended resume) has been posted at the UUA website so candidates can view it. It has also been posted here (Congregational Record), so you can see what we are saying about us and what we are saying we are looking for in a minister.

Beginning January 3, we can begin looking at the Ministerial Records (again, extended resumes) of candidates who are interested in our position.
  • In January, we will evaluate the minister’s packets, conduct phone interviews, and interview some references.
  • By early February, we winnow the list down to 3-4 pre-candidates and schedule off-site interviews with them during February & March.
  • On April 5, we can notify our first-choice candidate of our intentions, and invite them to meet with us as a congregation in April/May.
  • The congregation then has to vote (our bylaws require a vote of at least 80% approving at a meeting with a quorum of 40% of our members).
So, if we have done our job well, you will be delighted with the choice we present to you. If the congregation does not approve the candidate, there is a possibility of going back to one of the other pre-candidates (if that person has not already accepted a call to another congregation).
The search committee is required to keep its deliberations confidential. But while we cannot give individual names or talk about the specifics of an individual, we can discuss in general terms the kinds of people we are seeing and the combinations of skills and interests that we are seeing. The Search Committee members are Tony Filipovitch (Chair), Penny Herickhoff, Jane Schostag, Ted Downey, and MaryAnn Nelson. Feel free to check in with us and/or give us your ideas. We will also post (general) updates as we pass each of the milestones listed above.

Tony Filipovitch, Search Committee chair