“Re-Committing to our UU Covenantal Relationships”

UU Minister, Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, said that she is often asked the question, “Is there a spiritual practice that is particularly Unitarian Universalist?” And, her response is, “I believe that there is — living into our covenantal relationships.” She goes on to say, “Being in community can be challenging. But being in a faith community can give us the opportunity to explore our edges and test our assumptions. Covenant offers us an invitation to be curious and humble, to make room for mistakes by pre-promising that — when we fail — we are willing to forgive and try again.”

Someone once said, “We cannot go back and start over but we can start again and make a new beginning.” As another year has started, we will explore some reflections on right relationship during the worship service and renew our UUFM Covenant as a community and re-commit to beginning together in 2018.