It is the mission of the UUFM Library to provide resources pertaining to the seven principles, as well as our collective interests and pursuits including, but not limited to: worship services; religious, spiritual and cultural studies; personal development and awareness; skill building; entertainment; and reference.

The UUFM Library has over 1,000 books available for checkout and our collection is now searchable online.

Directions for access to the UUFM Library Online Catalog:

Go to the website:
  2. The page that comes up will be the page describing the UUFM library catalog.  Individuals do not need to be a member of to search the UUFM library catalog. It is a public catalog.
  3. Under the heading Member:UUFM-Library you will find the phrase
 ‘Collections: Your Library.’
Click on ‘Your Library.’  This will take you to the UUFM-Library catalog.

If you prefer to view the catalog organized in a different way,
 click on the up/down arrow symbol in the beige bar at the top.  This will allow you to temporarily edit the sort order to fit your browsing or searching needs.  There is also a search box in the beige bar to the upper right that says ‘search your library.’  If you are looking for a specific title, author or subject area, you can type it in there to see if we have what you are looking for.

Suggestions are always welcome and donations are always appreciated!

If you have any suggestions, questions or problems accessing the collection please contact our librarian.